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"Feed for Love"

MA Message

Welcome to Manob America(MA). Manob America (MA) is one of the leading organization for charitable work. We are running this social organization in order to helping people to overcome social and economical hardship. Our vision is to provide common people with support, beyond nationality or international boundaries, and to help them in time of their needs. We respect everyone's morality and virtues. We want to be there whenever someone in need of anything associated in day to day life. With the help of our donors and sponsors, we want to help the people who can't provide themselves with food or shelter, who are in need of jobs or the students who are having difficulties with their financial situation. 


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We want to fulfill dreams of the dreamer and make smile in the face of those who knows what is struggle. With your supports we can make our vision and dreams of millions of people around come true.Support us with every little donation that you can provide. We promise to utilize it and make the best use of every single penny that you donate. We thank our sponsors and donors from the bottom of our hearts. We thank you for donating to Manob America (MA) to fulfill our goal of helping people in need.