Manob America is a social non-profit organization who aims to help people financially and economically. We have targeted to help the ten people per day by providing food and medicine. Our vision is to maximize it to one hundred people per day. We want to spread our goals and visions all over nation. Our members are committed to reach our vision.

Manob America is a non-profit organization founded on January 2014 in Mobile, Alabama, USA.

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About 41 million people in United States of America are struggling with hunger. This number is almost equal to 40.6 million people who are living below poverty line. According to the surveys taken by Feeding America Network, 72% of the households have a median household income of $9,175.

Several causes are responsible for provoking this issue. One of those are unemployment, cost for basic needs and family issues. Manob America is strictly committed to help people resolving these issues.


Our main missions are feed the unfed, raising social awareness to people around us, and environmental awareness.

We all know a healthy body is needed for a healthy a mind. If someone is having hard time to buy food or medicine, it will hamper them mentally. This increases the temper of a person. It is very harmful for those who are family. Many suicides and crimes have occurred in recent years because of hunger. Our main objective is to break this chain of hunger by reaching and providing foods to those who are in need. This break our hearts to see that people are begging for food. We want to help them from the bottom of our heart. Therefore, our motto is, “Feed for Love.”

"Help From Heart"

"Feed for Love"


Our future plan is to provide shelter to the people who cannot afford to live, build an emergency fund for students who cannot afford tuition and most importantly build a fund for health treatment.

Meet the Team

Our founder US Salehin was the main person behind the project idea for Manob America. He experienced basic needs of human being by interacting with people from his journey around the world.

Meet the people who came up with the idea of Manob America (MA) Family for doing advancement in social awareness, environmental awareness, and implementing ethical behavior for the better future.

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Founder & Chairman



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Executive Member 

Manob America MA

Md.Istiaque Hossain

Executive Member

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