What is Manob America ?

“Manob” is the word stands for Humanity. We want to break the chain of hunger by providing food to the unfed. At the same time, we want to help people by raising social awareness and environmental awareness.

What is the main objective of Manob America?

Mission: Our main missions are feed the unfed, raising social awareness to people around us, and environmental awareness.

Vision: Our future plan is to provide shelter to the people who cannot afford to live, build an emergency fund for students who cannot afford tuition and most importantly build a fund for health treatment.

How and when did it start?

Manob America is a non-profit organization founded on January 2014, in Mobile, Alabama, United States of America. We want to save people deprived by hunger and poverty. We have seen it in our personal life while interacting with people around our society. This is when we had the idea of starting this social charity organization.

Are you registered officially?

Yes, we are. We are registered under the section of 10A-1-3.05 in the state of Alabama.

What is the process by which Manob America intends to achieve its long-term goal?

Our main objective is to break the chain of hunger and poverty. We want to start from the country we are living currently. After that, we want to go beyond the boundaries.

Do you have any contact with the United State government and do they know you?

Yes, we are registered under the Government of United States of America. Our principles and aims have been appreciated by the Government of United States of America.

Who is the Founder?

The founder of Manob America is US Salehin.

Date of Birth: December 1985.

Does Manob America generate any income?

We are using Manob Point’s (MP) advanced service delivery center to generate our income. We are planning to sell ticket voucher and life time membership fee to generate income for our projects in Manob America.

How do you manage the accounts?

Our accounts are maintained by professional accountants and are audited periodically. our audit reports will be publicly available very soon in our website.

How can I make a donation?

You can make donation by clicking on the “Donate” tab under the “Donate” page in the menu bar. You can also find the “Donate” tab in pages in our website.

How can my organization support Manob America-MA?

Manob America welcomes everyone from all sector and community. Join us and support to your heart content. To support us, you can provide us with foods, cloths, medical supply, and other necessary supplies depending on your persuasion and our projects.

MA accepts sponsors for various social awareness campaigns such as world food day, Children’s Day, World Environment Day, and World Labor Day.

Please email info@manobamerica.org for further information.

How Your Sponsorship Funds are Used?

The funds are being used to initialize our long and short-term goals. This includes our main objective feed the unfed, social and environmental awareness programs, and supply of basic human needs.

How can I get involved?

Details are available on the  Manob America website, www.manobamerica.org. If you have any further queries, simply mail us at info@manobamerica.org

What are the expansion plans for Manob America?

Manob America plans to open a branch in every State of United of America. In this way, we hope to provide basic human needs to the people of every states. However, our future plan is to expand our activities around the globe.

How does Manob America define poverty?

About 41 million people in United States of America are struggling with hunger. This number is almost equal to 40.6 million people who are living below poverty line. According to the surveys taken by Feeding America Network, 72% of the households have a median household income of $9,175.Several causes are responsible for provoking this issue. One of those are unemployment, cost for basic needs and family issues. Manob America is strictly committed to help people resolving these issues.

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