Motto of Manob America (MA) is, “Feed for Love”.

Mission Statements

Manob America’s first mission is to feed the unfed. Hunger is the most fearsome enemy of this planet. A huge number of people is dealing with this problem every single day. As a social charity, we feel responsible to prevent and stop it at any cost. Our priority is to start from our city and then expand this mission to the whole country. When we reach to that point, we want to go beyond boundaries to reach and help the unfed in other continents.

Our targets

Manob America (MA) wants to raise voice for social awareness. We are living in 21st century and people are educated, aware, and responsible more than ever. Still there is so many people who are not aware of many things because they think it is normal. This is causing social dilemma in every sector. Children are the ones who are suffering the most because of these problems. Our organization wants to raise voice to let the adults understand the situation and prevent unacceptable things happening to the children’s.

People are very much aware of global warming. Recent storms and cyclones, like Harvey and Irma, makes us more aware about it than ever. One of the thing that is responsible for climate change is the usage of plastics. A year ago, CNN covered on plastic uses where they reported that millions of birds and fishes are dying because the plastic that has been thrown by us, humans. They titled this report as “plastic island.” It breaks our heart to see all those beautiful birds and fish are dying because of something we are using in our day to day life. This change will also effect trees and plants. Birds, fishes, and trees are the vital elements of eco-system. If we lose a huge portion of them consistently it will hamper the eco-system. That is how it will endanger the climatic change. So, one of our main mission is to raise voice against plastic uses. As a human being, we are most certain that we cannot stop it in just by ourselves. A long-term plan and a great deal of effort is needed to do it. As a social organization, Manob America feels a great responsibility towards this human caused problem which should solved as soon as possible.

Manob America (MA) is establishing emergency funds in medical, education, unemployment, and technical emergencies. By this way, a great number of people will get help during their time of emergencies.

Future objective

Manob America’s future objective includes:

  • Tree plantation

  • Plastic free world: “Quit plastic, save earth”.

  • Preventing adultery.

  • Employee safety program (Safe sanitation by owner or provider)

  • Technology awareness program and training facilities.