Join the MA family

Volunteer for Manob America (MA) is the platform for youth and adults to learn new skills, share knowledge and beliefs, improve, and utilize thinking perspective and develop a new way for life.

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Why volunteering for MA:

Volunteers works for soul, not for Goal.

Earthly benefits of volunteering:

  • It is a great opportunity to get connected with people.

  • To understand people, to learn and grow as a human being.

  • To develop new perspective and add them in day to day life.

  • To build self-esteem and confidence.

  • It gives motivation and sense of achievements.

  • Dedicated volunteers become the passionate representative of the MA family.

  • Engaged volunteers are always appreciated to bring diverse point of view to the organization.

  • Explore new opportunities.


Volunteering with Manob America (MA) allows an individual to grow in to a responsible person. We appreciate the volunteers with certificates, appreciation letters and recommendation letters after successful completion of campaigns and programs.