social awareness program

social awareness program number#1

Recently we have observed some of the gas stations. It hurts to see how things happen there.

Gas stations are a big part of our life. Most of it depends on the cars. Gas station a convenience store place. People goes to gas stations to refill their gas and most of the times buys candies and stuffs from gas stations. The thing that is depressing is that the environment of such public place is not up to the mark. They are several factors that is responsible for the cause.

These factors include:

  • Unhygienic foods: Some of the foods are being kept in a glass jar. But they keep it for too long; sometimes for about couple of weeks. What happens is that the more people take foods from there, the more jar has to open. It obviously fails the whole process of preserving hygienic foods.

  • Expired food: There are a lot of food stock in a gas station. So sometimes, if owners and workers do not carefully monitor the food stocks, they will have missed expired foods. Sometimes people buy without seeing the expiration date. Therefore, when they eat those foods, it will affect their health situation.

  • Time to time payment: Now, this an important factor. Most of the gas station owner does not pay the weekly payment in time. Some of them even give the payment in the third week after the job starting. This effects psychologically to all the workers who work there. If the employ quit, the owners do not give the due amount without a lengthy time.

  • Stability of employers: A great number of people are working in gas stations in a day. It is a place which is connected with so many people’s lives. Sometimes if there is more people available for one position then owner’s fires people without great cause. This situation must be changed. The employees should get at least a month to find a job otherwise this will increase unemployment rate.

  • Clean washroom: Public place means the gathering place for common people. So, a great number of people uses the washroom in the gas station. From our observation, we have seen that owners do not monitor the washroom situation carefully. It affects people’s health.

  • Provider will look after bathroom: Owner should look after the situation of washroom. But they tell their workers to do that job. The workers are not that effective to do this job. That way the public health safety is in risk. The owners must take the responsibility and hire efficient people to do the job.

  • Social behavior: Racism is one of the key factors that is happening all over the worlds. Gas station owners or workers does not behave politely with different skin color people. As a matter of fact, those people feel disrespected. This should be dealt with as soon as possible.

In these regards, the situation of such important public place must be dealt with cautiously and hurriedly. Otherwise, a lot of people will suffer because of the situations mentioned above.