Current Situation:

When matters went horrific throughout storm Maria, they went terrible suddenly, across this entire island. Suddenly, the entirety changed into dysfunctional, which includes the energy grid, the cellphone towers, the banking machine. Even the catastrophe managers, the specialists in charge of responding to hurricanes, have been pressured to evacuate the homes wherein that they had sheltered during the powerful storm.

In Puerto Rico, one man died after being struck by a board he had used to cover his windows.

Almost two weeks after Maria caused a historical disaster, and thrust Puerto Rico, into a humanitarian crisis by the hurricane hit on Sept. 20.

What need to be done:

  • Reach the common people as soon as possible,

  • Help them by providing food, cloths, medicine, and other necessary stuffs,

  • Help by providing clean water for drinking and baths,

  • Help them by providing transportation.

Our intention:

MA plans to support local efforts, to meet Puerto Rican's most urgent needs in this disaster, as well as use funds for more and better resources for rebuilding.

How we will accomplish:

Manob America has formed a group of people, from their own team members, to distribute foods, cloths, medicine, and other necessary stuffs in Puerto Rico. We are committed to help the people over there. We have some members from Puerto Rico who works for Manob America. In addition to the newspapers and media, we have seen and heard from all over the media and from our members, So, we have decided to act, to stand for humanity in this tragic period. With more fund, we will have more resource to help more people. In this group, we will add a group of experts in electrians, motor mechanics, construction workers, and doctors. Support us to rebuild Puerto Rico.

Donate now to help us meet the most critical needs.Funds designated for hurricane response will be used to support relief and recovery efforts for affected areas.

By making this generous gift to Manob America (MA), you'll join us in our commitment to create lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and social Responsibilities.

We are registered under the section of 10A-1-3.05 in the state of Alabama,USA.


By Mail
Mail your check, payable to "Manob America" to:

Manob America
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help from heart

lets Rebuild  Puerto Rico

What a tragedy! It is the high time people should stand together to help and support those families who suffered during this calamity. Donate and share as much as you can. Your donation might help a family to overcome these tragedic hours.