Educational system in United States of America is the best in the world. However, it is very costly at the same time. Therefore, many local students have to give up on studying.  Although, they can get loans for education, they cannot apply for the loan in many situations. If their families bear loans or have financial problems, it becomes hard for them to get the financial support. This hurts a lot for them but they just give up. In special cases, after passing a certain age and becoming financially compatible for studying, some of those people starts studying in late ages. Though the number for that kind of cases is not very impressive.

In the United states of America, people from all over the world comes to make realize their dreams. A big part of those peoples are students. There are a huge number of international students are studying in all region of united states of America. There is one problem that many international students are facing and that is money. Not all the international students are from rich families. Moreover, many of them are from middle class families. In addition of getting US visa, they risk everything to come here for studying. But there are no scholarship funds for them. Even if there is, only one or two out of 100 students get that funds. The tuition fees in every four semesters is almost 10,000 USD. One semester is for four months. This is the least number. There are two mandatory semesters in every year. So, 20,000 USD for a year is only for tuitions. So, another 5-7 thousand USD is needed for living cost. This huge figure is making it the hardest for the students to continue studying. So, what happens, is that many of them stops studying and tries to join the workforce.

Here begins the greatest challenge. If you come in student visa but not studying full time as a student in the university, then you will lose the legal visa status. This is the rule for most of the countries. The USA is no difference than others. Therefore, an endless painful life waits for students who lose their status. Neither they can study nor they can work in any desired company.

Looking in these realistic facts and observing the situation Manob America (MA) has come up with the idea of establishing a student funds for local and international students. This fund is applicable for all those students who are trying very hard to reach their desired goals. We want to help the dreamers because they are our future. They are one who will carry out our legacy. Therefore, in response to their ambitions to work in the directions of future, we want to drive them to the furthest. Therefore, we have included the student fund as our project.


Manob America (MA) wants you to donate as much as possible to help these dreamers. They might be dreamers but your contribution will make you the dream maker.

Join us and be a part of student fund project, be a part of Manob America (MA) family.