Unemployment is a curse for any person, community, or a country. It is symbolized as “curse”, because man tends to blame himself if he loses a job. For him, everything seems wrongs and he just cannot figure out what he can do make things right. This might as well affect his concerns of right or wrong. If something like this happens, then he will lose his confidence. He will have a hard time finding a job.

In that hard time of any persons, we want to stand by his side as a human being. Therefore, Manob America is opening an account for saving funds for unemployed persons. To help them get through the hard time and push them towards future.


With the growth of industries and service providing companies, the situation has changed for people to find a job. It is easier to get a job more than ever before.

United states of America are in a state of solvency and it is good for their nations. There are more job openings than the past. But, USA is not like other countries. There are more international people’s here. Local and international people are fighting to get a job in every moment. With this over growing competition, people are losing either focus or tracks. It can be good in long term or bad.

However, it has become more convenient for the companies to sack someone and hire a new person. Therefore, a skilled person sometimes, forced to go out his way and situation can turn whole new other way for him.  If he loses a job then he will break.

Losing a job comes with other major losses, some of which may be even more difficult to face other than loss of income source:

  • Loss of one’s professional identity

  • Loss of self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Loss of one’s daily routine

  • Loss of purposeful activity

  • Loss of one’s work-based social network

  • Loss of one’s sense of security

MA Commitment

In those dark hours, Manob America is committed to help those persons by providing an amount to help get though the rough time. As well as we are planning to open a self-dependent business program, to increase people’s morals, help them get back in track, and boost their confidence.

In order to helping out all those people, we need funds of a large number. To reach out, all those persons, we need a great number of resource. We need your help to do this. Because we know that, this cannot be done overnight and a person alone cannot do this.

Join us.

Be a part of MA family. Help us to help the person in need.